“Let’s do it.” Liv was decisive.

“Are you sure?” Casey reached across the table and intertwined her slender fingers into the open hand of her partner. She smiled at Liv’s face that was glowing back at her.

“Yes, I’m sure. We deserve this, don’t we?”

“Hell yeah!” Liv squeezed Casey’s fingers tightly and enjoyed the feeling that the anticipation of their plans had on her body.

“Hold on,” Casey laughed as she watched while Olivia released the hold on her hand and stretched  backwards over the café chair in the busy hotel restaurant. “Let’s get to the room first.”

“Oh my God!” Casey leaned forward across the table, still laughing. She whispered, “You’re already turned on, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am! You know what I’m like, I can’t wait … can we go now?”

“I’m going to finish my coffee first,” Casey stated, “you go ahead.”

“OK. But don’t keep me waiting too long. I might have to start without you and that’ll be a waste of …”

“Liv! Keep your voice down, babe. Don’t tell everyone what we’re planning. They’ll get jealous.” They laughed conspiratorially. “Seriously, go and get us a room. Don’t forget to text me the door number. I’ll be right there.”

“You really should be drinking water, not coffee,” Olivia smiled as she pushed her chair under the table and gathered up her coat and bag. Leaning across the table she kissed Casey and winked over her shoulder as she started to weave between the tables and make her way to the reception desk.

Yes, she was excited. She could hardly keep still while she spoke with the receptionist to book the special room. They shared a knowing smile as she took the key card. In the lift she text Casey, “Room 42. Get your key card from reception, use my name. Don’t be long. Drink some water, you’re going to need it!”

The next text simply said, “I’m already dripping!”

Her clothes were discarded as soon as she entered the room.

As she sat in the sauna waiting for Casey she remembered her initial reserve when they had first met nearly two years earlier. This was like an early anniversary surprise for them both.

Olivia was at a work’s conference and had one session still to attend, but when Casey had arrived unexpectedly she behaved like a child and skipped out of the last programme item to have coffee with her. She’d been away for a week and a half and had a train booked home that evening, but this was better. Leaning back on the wooden slats with half closed eyes, her whole body began to get to the temperature of her mind.

Hearing the door open she listened for Casey and knew it wouldn’t be long.

Looking up she saw Casey in the doorway, naked and grinning.

“Oh, this is lovely. I could eat you up!”

“Please do.” Liv chortled.

“Come here now,” Liv extended her hand and Casey smoothly closed the sauna door.

© Marjorie H Morgan 2017




powerful emotion conquers knowledge

you are my truth

terrestrial heart loses its edge

Naomi for Ruth


planets fear the literary drought

desire ignites

erratic heart thumps and shouts

awaiting invite


established reason vanquished

without effort

lifelong sense is banished

to live in yourt


reaction to your presence

in mind or sight

drowning with concupiscence

desired outright


© Marjorie H Morgan 2017