It’s only in the cold silence of winter
and the fresh frostiness that accompanies
the light of a new dawn
that the harsh truth of grief
sits on the edge of your mind

two steps forwards
two steps backwards

Always present,
yet hidden behind
the enforced busyness
of stacks of events
piled like blocks to insight
throughout your day,
grief is the centre
of your life,
refusing to move.

two steps forwards
four steps backwards

Ignoring it is not effective,
like water
it finds its way
into everything

people are like weights –
held at a distance
away from your heart,
safe in the knowledge
that you’ll lose them soon, too

activities are like puzzles
that need to be solved – right away
life is all consuming
leaving no time for living
and loving

two steps forwards
six steps backwards

Things that come in twos to avoid
and memories
of two brothers
in two weeks
in two years

two steps inwards.



Butterfly, butterfly

Butterfly, butterfly
let your wings dry
then always, always,
fly, fly, fly!

Butterfly, butterfly
dance each day
sway and sashay
do as you may

Show your self –
do not hide
the unique statement you hold

Your body is a work of art,
aerobatic displays
are all a part
of the expressions
of freedom and joy –
your heart’s concessions:
do not be coy.

You somersault
as if
you care
for naught
but your nectar-filled tongue
and twirls
with the sun
lift you to soar –
fresh reminders of
the freedom
lining your core.

Butterfly, butterfly
with bright strong wings
to lift you high
find pleasure in each new branch,
there is no reason
to look back and sigh,
there is no reason,
no reason ‘why …’

the chrysalis of the past
was the needed
womb of now,
change in life comes so fast
that joyful wonder
is the new fresh vow,
‘being’ constantly alters
and your wings sometimes falter
butterfly, butterfly
inhabit just now
that is the only way how …

Butterfly, butterfly
let your wings dry
then always, always,
fly, fly, fly!

© Marjorie H Morgan

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