Living, loving, longing

Living, loving, longing

When you live with love
the longing is sated,
the mystery
that accompanies
the unknown
is quenched
in the presence of love,
well, maybe …

love has a tendency
to fluctuate,
it’s like walking in a straight line
along the beach
as the waves
dash back and forth
over your bare feet

this love is inconstant
like a damaged power supply,
it flickers on and off

maturity suggests
enduring, unchanging affection
even grey-haired souls
are often immature

in matters of love
emotions win victories
over philosophical reasonings
and future plans,
especially when one remembers
previous loves –
once we’re, now were

some people are
an apostrophe away
from the past

love will always be one of life’s greatest stories,
longing is one of its constant shadows
always ready to step into the limelight
and redirect living and loving.

© Marjorie H Morgan



We choose our ways of seeing
the same way
we choose our ways of being –
on purpose.

We fall in love,
we choose to love,
we fail to see
we choose to see

Love is like
a long distance runner
you pursue it all alone,
with the invisible wind
in your hair
and at your heels.

You alone
the magnificence of your
others see a mere mortal,
a normal human being.
But, as with any passion
requires dedicated focus

like the long-distance race
one repeats step after step
filled with resounding hope
and promise
of more than can be seen with the eye

Love, like the finish line,
is an illusion and delusion
it’s really real.

© Marjorie H Morgan

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Language of love

Language of love

Do you remember when …?
I do.
It’s always now.

When the time comes
to utter words of affection
the speaker steps into the spotlight
of vulnerability
as the private currency of love
is shared using public language

the wordy declaration
is paired with over exposure –
like a photograph left too long in the light

emotional nakedness is not optional
for many long elasticated moments

The previously discrete emotions
(used to swirling around like rush hour traffic in your own head)
crash, tumble or flow
as they will
each syllable is laden
with the hope of distant travellers
as it is charged to carry the true message well.

Upon receipt of the declaration
remember …
lovers are notoriously unreliable witnesses
even to their own feelings
so they default to common emotional phrases
and say, ‘I love you,’
and mean, ‘I dream of you even when I’m not sleeping’.

Love, Oh Love.

© Marjorie H Morgan

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Liberal love

Liberal love

Can you love
and still
let live?

Friends remain silent
and operate liberalism
in so many areas of
each other’s lives

Lovers, like families, equate intimacy
with ownership and licence
to forgo politeness
and kind behaviour –
with obvious results.

Series of tiny wars
pepper their paths
as unity crumbles
omnipotence rises
because secrets are eliminated
equanimity is likewise destroyed.

Can you be close,
can you love
and still
let live?

If humour lives
between you,

Liberal love lives with laughter.

© Marjorie H Morgan