Between you

Between you

Intimacy is delicious privacy
between you
and your other –
what is suggested in public
is real
together, in private.

The controlled public act of ambiguity
gives way to
spontaneous, instinctive
that flow
tender sweetness and raw dizzying passion
in the blink of an eye.

The eagerness to be one
displaces any uncomfortableness
that phantom-like appears between you
passion renames clumsiness
as earnest desire,
it cancels judgement and replaces
it with the glory of unbounded wonder
at the exquisiteness of … this moment, together
as one.

Love is, is love …

Rational thought is suspended
as you both inhabit a prolonged joy-full madness of unrestrained passion.

Love is, is love.

© Marjorie H Morgan

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