The truth

Love, like water
will always find its way through
every dam(n) thing
erected to keep it at bay.

One drop, or an ocean,
it’s still pure love.

We live like salmon,
courageously jumping upstream
we persistently
our way
because that’s where love lives.

The river can’t deny
to the determined, muscular salmon
any more
than the heart can deny
the quiet insistence
of the truth of love.

© Marjorie H Morgan


Glorious Kintsugi

Glorious Kintsugi

Looking in –

in-side and in the mirror

I feelingly see the marks
of the wounds
that have long decorate my heart and

like liquid gold
in broken vessels
I marvel at the absolute beauty
of my scars.

Worn like medals after a battle,
these wounds are badges
singing arias of my survival
– because scars are solely the possessions of the living.

© Marjorie H Morgan