On Beauty

On Beauty

We are all philosophers
in our own lives,
like the sages of yesteryear
today we muse …
which came first,
beauty or love?

Mathematical formulae,
volumes of research
and hours of questions later,
the results are still


Love and beauty
balance each other
in their mysterious place
in people’s hearts.

There is no translation tool
to decipher
what the eye sees
connected to
what the soul feels

the wayward seeds of love
root where they will
predispose one’s heart
to see beauty
to see love
from the soul
to the face
from the face
to the soul

which comes first,
love or beauty?

Futile questions will
always be asked
by truth seekers
of all ages
on their quest
for happiness.

Aesthetics, mathematics, facts –
while powerful in some arenas,
they have no sway
with the route of desire.

That alone knows
which came first:
beauty or love.

© Marjorie H Morgan